Is it Dangerous to Flake? A Comprehensive Guide to Concrete Chipping

Learn about concrete chipping: what it is, how to tell if it's a problem and how it can damage your property. Find out why it's important to use a licensed contractor with proven methods for stopping chipping.

Is it Dangerous to Flake? A Comprehensive Guide to Concrete Chipping

Identify concrete chipping and cancer is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It not only affects the aesthetic appearance of a building, but also its performance and stability in the long term. Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates and water that hardens over time, but is weak in tension. This means that it can easily break apart when pulled, at about 10% capacity under “thrust pressure”.

To overcome this weakness, reinforcing bars are used to absorb the tensile force in the member. However, peeling concrete exposes the reinforcing bar underneath to atmospheric moisture, which can lead to oxidation of the reinforcing bars and reduce their tensile capacity. This can cause serious hazards, public injury and loss of public property, as it can damage the entire structure. It's important to recognize the signs of chipping and when to call a flaking repair contractor.

When moisture enters materials such as brick or concrete, it creates rust that forms on the rebar inside. The surface may begin to peel or flake as the first sign. If your property has a chipping problem, you will also notice loose pieces of concrete, pitting and rust stains. In general, the main areas to consider include concrete floors, building foundations and beams.

Using a licensed contractor with proven methods to stop chipping is extremely important. Hawaii's climate is unique and not all products work here. Chipping can lead to a variety of problems for homeowners, including structural problems and costly repairs, not to mention lack of visibility. If you own an apartment complex with peeling, your property will look neglected, driving away potential homeowners and guests.

If you notice peeling or want to protect your property from it, contact Curtis Law Construction. Serving Kauai, HI, for nearly 50 years, its contractors have decades of experience in chipping repairs as well as other home-building projects. They are passionate about what they do and are always available to answer questions. For more information about their shard repair services, call (80) 246-0676 or visit them online.

Chipping is unattractive and makes a structure look sloppy. More seriously, if the structure is in an area that is accessed by the public or workers, then peeling can be dangerous in terms of falling debris or tripping hazards. If left unchecked, the husking will tend to accelerate and spread, so that eventually the structure could become unstable. Therefore, diligent maintenance is of great importance and legislation imposes a duty to care for owners to ensure that structures are not hazardous to users.

Descaled concrete is a concrete that has been chipped, damaged, broken or flaked due to factors such as excess temperature, humidity, corrosion, weathering, mechanical pressures that stress concrete or poor installation that causes concrete to wear out. According to Indawo's managing director Geoffrey Jäck, chipping is especially common in the Western Cape due to the high humidity in the atmosphere during the humid winter months. Conditions of insufficient coverage were widespread throughout the building's exterior with potential safety risks identified on many balconies and two locations identified as having immediate safety concerns requiring rapid removal of peeling and loose concrete. Robson Forensic offers in-house experts across the country who can apply first-hand knowledge and experience around chipping issues in their specific geographic region.

Both water intrusion and chloride intrusion promote concrete peeling which should never be left exposed or untreated.